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Adult parents, legal guardians, siblings and other family members of children being cared for in a local hospital are eligible to stay with us. The child must be younger than 21 years of age. If you have questions about your family’s eligibility, please contact our office at 313.745.5909


How much does it cost to stay at the House?

We request a donation of $10 per night. However, we will never turn a family away due to a lack of funds. If you need alternate financial arrangements, speak with your hospital-assigned social worker. 

Who can stay at the House?

Adult parents, legal guardians, siblings, and other family members of sick children are eligible to stay with us.

How many people can stay in a room?

There is a four person limit on each room. Also note that each family is allowed one room.

What is an adult parent? How old do I have to be to stay at the House?

Anyone 22 or older is considered an adult, and will not be turned away because of age. Parents between ages 18 and 21 may stay without an adult on a case-by-case basis, but we encourage them to bring an adult support person. Parents under 18 years of age must have an adult support person with them at all times.

Can I arrive before treatment begins/stay later?

Families can check in up to 24 hours in advance of their child’s scheduled appointments, treatment, or surgery. We are unable to take arrivals more than 24 hours in advance. Additionally, once a child is discharged families must check out within 24 hours.

How do hospital staff or families request a room?

To request a room call our office at (313) 745-5909 to be placed on a room request list. On the day of your arrival, call us between 10 AM and 1 PM to ensure that your room is ready. Check-in must be done prior to 8 PM.

How To Find Us

4707 St. Antoine St #200, Detroit, MI 48201

There is a private, gated lot to the south of the building, next to the parking structure. Do not park in the structure. Follow the Ronald McDonald House signs to the west (or back) of the Kresge Eye Institute Building. There you will see the large sign (RMH logo) at the top of the building and a black canopy. There may be ambulances parked near the entrance.

Follow through to parking lot where there is a call button. Press the call button to announce yourself and staff will open the gate.

Once parked, go to canopy and press the call button to gain entry to the elevator lobby. Go to elevator and press button to open elevator doors. Once in elevator, press floor #2. This opens to our lobby and reception.

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