The Hudson Family

Melvin, age 3, was the victim of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound that left him under doctor’s care at Children’s Hospital of Michigan from May until August of 2018. During that time, his mom, Kayla, stayed at RMHC Detroit and is grateful she was able to be near her son and have support from staff and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House.

She says, “From the moment I got here, there were people who cared about me and made sure I was able to leave the hospital and take care of my hygiene and get something to eat.” She describes the people at the Ronald McDonald House as her extended family. “Your family can only be there to support you so much, but for us, my son was in the hospital for a long time and eventually they had to get back to their lives. Here at the House, I had people who showed compassion around the clock no matter if I was coming or going. There was a pastor at the Hospital who came and spoke to me regularly and even the bus driver would say ‘hey they are having this person cook dinner today, make sure you get something to eat’, so it felt good.”

When asked of her overall experience of “the House”, Kayla says, “it was like home for me.”

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