Family Stories

Jessi and Anna Hudacek

“You all are my heroes”

Jessi was diagnosed with brain cancer in the spring of 2015. We were referred to Children’s Hospital of Michigan for her treatment. Jessi and I live in Saginaw, which is a two-hour drive from Detroit, in the best of conditions. When we found out she was going to have to be at the hospital every day, Monday through Friday, all day long, for more than six weeks, I wasn’t sure how we were going to make that work. There’s no way we could drive that far everyday, especially with Jessi sick from the radiation. We couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel all week, not on our budget.

That’s when we found out about the Ronald McDonald House. Talk about a life saver. For only $10 a night, Jessi and I could get a good night’s sleep and a healthy, home cooked meal; two things we definitely both needed after long days of radiation treatments and doctor’s appointments. So there we were, every Monday morning through Friday night, comforted and encouraged by the amazing staff of the Ronald McDonald House and only a short walk or van ride away from the medical care Jessi needed.

Jessi is officially cancer free now and looking forward to all the typical activities of a 16 year old. But every time there is a follow up appointment, Jessi reminds me that we have to stop by the house to say hello and get her hugs from Jackie and Irma. Thank you to the staff, donors and volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit. You are all my heroes.

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